Lent Writing Opportunity

I posted one opportunity for writing in Lent and happily discovered another. Below is our first guest post, by Ruth Hanley, on behalf of “Spirit to Spirit: A Writer’s Community.” Nothing encourages writing quite like opportunities to do so!

I had just finished typing prompt number twenty-one and sat back with satisfaction.  The Spirit to Spirit Lenten blog Project this year was shaping up well and I was more than halfway done with creating the writing prompts.  Each Lent I coordinate a writing project to encourage other writers (and myself) to set aside time to write each day of the 40 days of Lent.  For those who are extra motivated, I post picture prompts on Sundays as well.

The idea is that as writers, we are always trying to gain more discipline to be more productive, in order to better our craft and to finish the work we start.  As writers of spiritual pieces, reflecting on a Lenten theme or element with our craft can help to focus ourselves.  This Lent, try this combination of the discipline of writing and the discipline of Lent.  The writing group’s blog, www.spirit2spiritwriters.blogspot.com, has a new writing prompt  each day; one that is meant to spark your wondering and inspiration around a topic.  Instead of giving something up, put something into your 40 days that sets aside holy time to draw closer to God.

All genres of writing are welcome: poetry, prose, a flat-out answer or reflection. This community focuses on nurturing the writer in all of us, so you can also comment and compliment others on their work.  Life is busy, so it may be that you can only participate sporadically.  However, even if you only write two pieces, it adds up to two pieces that you may not have had otherwise.  If you don’t want to write, you can follow along by reading and prayer.  Come be inspired.  Write.  Take a deep breath and dive in.  At the end of the 40 days, you’ll feel like you went on a journey through the wilderness and the promise of Easter re-centers us into a new writer again and again.  What is the Spirit saying to you?

~ Ruth Hanley is a mom of two girls and directs a Sunday school class for infants, toddlers, and their parents.  This class knits the group together for support and also shares with the toddlers the building blocks of faith.

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