This blog exists to encourage writing, particularly Lutherans who incorporate faith, implicitly or explicitly, into their projects, but I expect variety is going to play a big role here. After all, there are so many different types of writing, so many facets, like a multi-disciplinary extravaganza. In a craft like writing, which relies to varying degree on inspiration, discipline, personal expression, objective content matter, etc., I think we’ll need variety!

So, here’s your chance. For the next little bit, I may hit pretty heavy on hymn-writing. You know, with that contest coming up. But tell me what you’d like to see, read, mark, and inwardly digest from a handy little blog of encouragement like this. 🙂

Do you want to hear about the Lutheran blogosphere? Does academic writing make you a bit curious, even for fun? Are you all about novels? Have you jumped on a bandwagon about traditional publishing or self-publishing? Do we need, dare I ask, to fight about commas and em-dashes?!

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. I’ve got some ideas I’m excited to share, but, well, you’re just going to have to wait and see. If I’m going to enter that contest, which God only knows at this point, I may keep a few pots on the back burners, bubbling away. But their aroma will waft here already, I promise.

Happy writing, since Valentine’s Day is now past!



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3 Responses to Variety

  1. Look forward to overhearing diverse conversations here. Blessings with this undertaking!

  2. May God bless this venture, Mary!
    Very timely, coming at a juncture in Western civilization when the sane, balanced, Lutheran literary voice needs to be heard.

  3. June Hensley

    Good on you, Mary!! I think what you are doing is giving a forum to people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity or even confidence to write about things they love or things that concern them. Be encouraged – this is a wonderful venture. One day I may contribute as I hope I have learned some wisdom for my years!!
    Keep up the good work!

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