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There is Time

Ladies and gentlemen, a gentle reminder that there is time: time to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. There is time to slow down so you can catch your temper. There is time to get away and be by yourself, even if it’s just a few extra moments in the bathroom, ūüėČ And, there is time to think through a few sentences to try to make them beautiful, clever, succinct, or whatever other goal you may have for your writing.

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Vocational Jumpstarts

Odds are good that you’ve experienced a writing drought. Maybe you’re in a slump. Or a funk. Maybe too many other things are just flooding your schedule, but today I thought we could address vocational jumpstarts and how that can help us jump back into writing, too.

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Editing down theology

Editing down words and editing down theology are two totally different things. Both can stink. In fact, both can be excruciating.

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Taking Turns

I should get back to generally encouraging you as writers. So today’s post will list a few ways that writers like us can work together taking turns.

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Prophetic Encouragement

I’m struggling with a writing project, but I’ll share some important perspective. It’s perhaps prophetic encouragement in a double-sense, as you will see.*

*No inner-voices, soft or loud, subtle or screaming, were used in the inspiring exchange of religious comfort and discussion.

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