There is Time

Ladies and gentlemen, a gentle reminder that there is time: time to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. There is time to slow down so you can catch your temper. There is time to get away and be by yourself, even if it’s just a few extra moments in the bathroom, 😉 And, there is time to think through a few sentences to try to make them beautiful, clever, succinct, or whatever other goal you may have for your writing.

I’m a homeschooling mother with six young ones. I’m potty training twins, and the consecutive years of diapering has made me twitchy for the next stage of life.

Folks, this IS the next stage of life. 🙂 Each day. Each moment. The mercy of the Lord is new. Right now. Thanks be to God!

I’ve been debating whether I have time to write every day. Right now, I don’t. I’ll type up a blog post or two, maybe work on another project, but I probably don’t write three or four days a week.

There is time to write. I just don’t always do it. Sometimes I’d rather let my mind dissolve into Facebook or Netflix. Sometimes I’d plain rather sleep. Other times a movie with my kids just has to be my top priority because THEY are a priority.

I’m going to own that there is time to write, but I often waste it. I’m also going to own that maybe now is the time a recommitment to writing will make a difference. Maybe not quite an every day difference, but another step forward in my three pre-publication pieces and my next big project.

If now isn’t the time to write, don’t feel bad about it. Writer isn’t an on-call kind of vocation. There is time but often it isn’t right when we want it. 🙂 God bless you and read Ecclesiastes as necessary. (Seriously. Read Ecclesiastes. It’s amazing.)

After a bit of a slump, I have a good next week or two of blogging planned. Yay!

Happy reading, writing, ‘rithmetic, and everything else!

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  1. What a great reminder! I went through a time in life that I desperately wanted it to be time to write, but it just wasn’t. A few years later, it was. To everything there is a season. 🙂

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