On Hold

I forget if I’ve mentioned this, but I’ve sought out another agent. That means I’ve entered another period of waiting even though I had previously planned to submit a new proposal February 1st! What was I thinking?! I feel like I’ve put myself on hold!

On one hand, an agent could really ramp things up for me. It’d free me up to write more and research publishers less. This one in particular isn’t even overly concerned about formal proposals! On the other hand, I kind of feel like my whole writing career is on hold. I like to advance. I like to plan. Every part of me likes to have a new project started before I finish up an old one so I still have some momentum to help me keep going.

Momentum. I often have momentum problems. Too much, too little, and a whole lot of straining in order to change whichever it is!

People, if I were in my right mind, wouldn’t I realize that being a little on hold is perfectly ok? We wait ALL THE TIME, and it’s still ok!

The key is what we are supposed to hold. What are you holding? What holds you? Even our best writing projects only go so far, provide so much, and last so long. Thanks be to God that He who holds us is steadfast, merciful, strong and mighty, patient and full of grace!

May you hold onto the promises of God and assurance of His loving goodness and grace. May our Lord release you from an excessive hold of yourself, lest we proverbially clench ourselves in half!

Breath out. Breath in. Say a prayer of thanks to the Breath of Life, who grants faith in Christ through His Word.

On hold? I’m there with you. Tired of holding? I’m thinking of you. Scared to hold? May our Lord and Savior hold you even tighter, because it is only by His strength that we endure. 🙂

Happy holding, folks!

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