There are so many weird hangups in a writer’s life. Am I wrong? For instance, I keep stalling on my poetry project because I keep writing poetry. And, since I’m self-publishing, who’s to say when I should cut myself off?! Even weirder, my latest writing dilemma has to do with turtles.

I do generally like turtles, but I’m far from obsessed with them. Yet, I’ve had a thought that you need to help me out with. Bear with me.

As children of satan, we are naturally rather snake-like. Am I wrong? Stripped of our legs, we cannot walk to God.

As Christians, we can still be pretty reptilian, except maybe holy Baptism makes us amphibious! We are super dependent on that water, having received life in it and having our life tied to it. We still look, and admittedly can act, half-monster, but God has given us a shield, attached with flesh! A shell, if you well!

Do you see where I’ve gone? Maybe it’s dumb. But maybe it’s worth a poem!

But is it a poem worth including?! AGH!

Balancing thoughts and insights with words is tricky enough. Add to that whether its appropriate, applicable, and accessible to an audience is a whole ‘nother headache!

Anyway, I hope this at least made you smile. Eye-rolls are understood, too. 😉

Happy reading & writing, folks. Keep wet in your Baptism!

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