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Unexpected genre

I like dreaming big. And, whenever I’ve thought about getting into fiction, I’ve known what genre I wanted to write. Precisely. I mean, I have a narrow vision that captures me pretty spookily. Except. It seems like the cosmos have conspired against that for the time being. Now I’m thinking about trying a genre I’d always respected but personally sworn off. Am I crazy? I think I may go for it. I mean, 🙂 I’d sure tell you to go for it, if something grabbed your attention for a spell, planned or otherwise!

Still, what do you think? Should I start my first attempt at a novel in a new-to-me genre? Should I type up previous notes instead? Should I outline or just write away?

I’m excited thinking about writing regularly again. Making a good, old-fashioned go of it! Sure, I’ll have days of despair and knocking my head against my desk, but, well, I’d have those days anyway! 😉

I’ve been editing for a spell. Imagine a great big whoosh as I sigh in relief that I’m thinking elsewhere now.

Happy writing!


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Young Adult Audience

Audiences are pretty important. Even when we write for ourselves, we write for an audience. So let’s dig into various audiences on occasion. What are our connotations with YA fiction and its young adult audience? Continue reading

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