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I want to thank all the Lutheran authors out there. I’ve been out of sorts since the accident, but I’ve found good comfort and some great distraction while reading your books! Thank you, thank you! Today’s review will be on Lutheran author Rachel Kovaciny‘s Cloaked (Once Upon a Western Book 1).

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Small Women

I’m finishing up the Divergent series (and, Veronica Roth, if you’re listening, I wish I were your friend!). (No, no hint about her being Lutheran.) I have very much enjoyed it. What strikes me for this post today is using small women as embodiments of power and strength. Maybe it’s a thing.

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Young Adult Audience

Audiences are pretty important. Even when we write for ourselves, we write for an audience. So let’s dig into various audiences on occasion. What are our connotations with YA fiction and its young adult audience? Continue reading

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My Unnamed Friend

There is a girl I turn to in need: my unnamed friend. We talk about our concerns, our interests, and pleasures. She is increasingly dear to my heart: my librarian. I know, I know, why not ask her name? I’m afraid I missed that opportunity YEARS AGO. Anyway, so my unnamed friend tends to point me to YA fiction, so I thought today I’d start to talk a little about that.

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