C.M. Healy

I found another Lutheran author for you: C.M. Healy! He has written quite a few children’s books and now he’s released his second work of YA fiction.

I actually discovered him when I picked up my oldest two from camp. He had a rack of books available at the camp store and I couldn’t help but leaf through them.

“Is he Lutheran?” I asked. “Absolutely! He volunteers here every summer!” Awesome! 

His website is authorcmhealy.com, and I gotta say it’s pretty nice. There’s some good stuff there for newer authors hoping to self published.

Anyway, back to the books. He’s got six children’s books, including a book of poetry with drawing a bit reminiscent of Where the Sidewalk End. (At least I think so.) He also has two YA books, Beyond the After: Princess Lillian and Beyond the After: Princess Olivia, which are set in Snow White’s kingdom in the generations after Snow White. 

They look promising so I hope you’ll look into them! Onto my wishlist they go. 🙂

Thank you, C.M. Healy! I hope get more familiar with your work! Welcome to my living Lutheran author page, as well.


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