Sometimes Words Don’t Come

My friends. Sometimes words don’t come. They just refuse to fall into place, despite every good intention, moment of peace to write, and even that clarity of thought which otherwise bodes so well!

And you know what? It’s still ok. 🙂 Perfectly ok. 

Here I am, actually thinking about some more serious, reflective pieces to post, but you know what gets me? Simple, triggering requests. The oddest random comments can get me writing away! I’ve done quite a bit of writing in the last few days, in an utterly unexpected direction. 🙂

Yet sometimes words don’t come. I have a dear friend who has requested a few alternative verses for a much beloved hymn. And I have given her verses. Yes, verses and verses and verses and verses.

Want to know what I’m stuck on? I’d like to write a stanza on the Lord’s Supper and I just cannot manage it yet! Ha! CRAZY! Here, such inspiration, yet, ah, rhyming with some things is just . . . not to be done lightly!

Anyway. You’re going to be ok. I’m going to be ok. Even when sometimes words don’t come. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. Even if never.

For one very good reason: one Word most assuredly will still come, and He will take us to be with Him in paradise forever. Thanks be to God!

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