Memorize the Athanasian Creed

I’d like to borrow a brilliant idea from Sarah Gulseth and the Facebook/ Podcast The Lutheran Ladies Lounge. You do not need to be a lady, however, to join us and memorize the Athanasian Creed!

I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, though it could have been elsewhere. If nothing else, I’ve shared a reading schedule on here.

But all you need to know right now is that, starting next week, you can follow this schedule and have the entire Athanasian Creed memorized by Trinity Sunday!

February 21 – AC verses 1-4
February 28 – AC verses 5-6
March 6 – AC verses 7-12
March 13 – | CHECKPOINT | AC verses 1-12
March 20 – AC verses 13-19
March 27 – AC verses 20-23
April 3 – | CHECKPOINT | AC verses 1-23
April 10 – AC verses 24-26
April 17 – AC verses 27-28
April 24 – | CHECKPOINT | AC verses 1-28
May 1 – AC verses 29-31
May 8 – AC verses 32-34
May 15 – | CHECKPOINT | AC verses 1-34
May 22 – AC verses 35-37
May 29 – AC verses 38-40
June 5 – | CHECKPOINT | Athanasian Creed in its entirety
June 7: Trinity Sunday!

Now. I get that this isn’t a 40-day commitment. I still think this will be a great Lenten discipline! Further, even if we don’t manage to actually memorize the whole thing, simply pondering it and learning what we can is sure to be a blessing.

Print up the schedule. Hang a copy on the frig and put one in your purse or wallet.

This Creed which should truly be read and meditated upon more often (!) is in the Lutheran Service Book on p. 319-320. You can also find it online at Now, print that off and put it all over the place! 😉

And, if you’re a Lutheran lady like I am, take a little time to look over the Ladies’ Lounge stuff. Have a listen and scroll-through. They are a fun and faithful group.

Have a good one!

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