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I swear that this is a blog for writers and not just book reviews. Time’s just been short and books about vikings so enticing. 🙂 So today’s post is, once again, on a Lars Walker book, the next in the Erling Skjalgsson series, West Oversea: A Norse Saga of Mystery, Adventure and Faith.

West Oversea Review

The thing that makes me so enamored with Erling Skjalgsson is that he is a man with a real chance of being honorable and lordly. His pagan setting and background highlight how difficult it is to do the right thing and cut through expectations in pursuit of a higher wisdom and trust. All of which makes him a really powerful Christian figure!

The exciting times help, too, of course. And in this book his travels across the Atlantic and his sea-bedazzled landings add even more depth to his setting–our own world just past 1000 AD.

Narrative continues to follow Father Aillil, who finally sees a chance to find his sister Maeve, who had been swept away into thralldom when Aillil was and now long-lost.

Odin’s eye plays an interesting role, as do some futuristic figures who join the characters either in the realms of the Old Ones or the dreamworld. But one of the things I appreciate about this series is how sometimes it’s just the ordinary folks who speak the truest, most prophetic words. The proud, seemingly lofty are never as infallible as they think they are. 

I’d sure travel west oversea. Admittedly, my heart pangs to consider how great men can be, even in a fallen world, and how far, in some ways, we’ve fallen. Lord, have mercy.


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