Internet Issues

I’m still here. Over the weekend, when I often try to plot out posts for the week, our small town was out of Internet. Now, generally I try to avoid paranoid thinking, trying to cultivate a better attitude and all, but I just cannot believe that big cities have the Internet & phone problems of small towns. So I got bitter and avoided Internet a few days. Ha ha ha ha

In other news, I’m taking a little time to be sure all my images on are well-documented so no one sues me over using images found over the Internet.

Also planning out homeschool for next year. That’s pretty intense with me.

I have a bunch of projects I’d like to do, including work on a neat new podcast with some others, write up some study guides for books, and a few other freebies for LutheranHomeschool. Where is the time to start them? I look left, right, left, and just see more oncoming traffic. Oh well. One of these days.

Anyway, this week’s posts may be sparse, but not much I can do when I lose my weekend prep time. Oh, take notes you say? On paper? I have so many sheaves of paper, loose-leaf and bound! lol

I haven’t had much time for my poetry, which sort of stinks. It’s very wicked, I’m sure, that I hear things in church and am scribbling away lines. In Bible study, too. But they’re in this growing personal slush pile I’ll get to . . . when Jesus comes? When tax season is over? I don’t know. I’m still hopeful for an October release of my second volume of Ecclesial Poetry, but, really, I’d prefer the Second Coming. 🙂 Who’s with me?

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