Blood and Judgment

I’ll say this. Once I start reading Lutheran author Lars Walker, it’s hard to stop! But I did take a break from his Erling Skalgsson series. (Mostly because I need to look up the order again.) Today’s post is from his more stand alone-ish series, The Epson books, in which sequence of books isn’t especially important. (I’ll link to reviews of some of those books below.) Now, I’ll review Blood and Judgment below. 🙂


Blood and Judgment Review

Imagine Hamlet. Now as a robust Viking man of action. That is a book worth reading!

Now, imagine actors in a world in the not-too-distant future. Basically without mental anchor or moral compass. Then suddenly they fall into a world as undefined and frightening as their own inconsistencies. Again, a book worth reading.

But then Blood and Judgment adds a few more layers, as weak men must choose between courage and complacency,  humanity and survival. A few Norse Old Ones pop up. Doors between worlds are opened and closed. Viking Hamlet, Amlodd, cannot feign madness and so agrees to gain a feigning mind, effectively switching bodies with one of the actors! Oh, it was delightful!

Again, Lars Walker sets Christianity within a fantasy context of interconnected worlds, among primarily non-believers. Again, there’s sex, violence, and much to remind us that evil is very real. Even so, it’s the kind of Christian fiction I prefer. Bold in its presentation of both sin and salvation. Ultimately it asks, whose blood and judgment would you prefer? I sure know my answer for that!

Although I haven’t read this series in order, you can find my other two reviews by following these links: Wolf Time and Death’s Doors.

Happy reading & writing, folks!


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