Death’s Doors

I’ve blogged about Lutheran author Lars Walker before and now I’m doing so again. Today’s post is a review of his novel, Death’s Doors

Previous posts about Lars Walker include this introductory one announcing his latest release, this review on Wolf Timeand this piece on writing that he wrote and I shared. There’s also this post, recognizing Lars Walker’s Death’s Doors in its treatment of the hot topic of assisted suicide/euthanasia. 

Anyway, in my eagerness to keep reading Lars Walker’s work once I started, I goofed up. I searched my dad’s library and keep reading books out of order! Gah! I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t help myself! Again, I wish I could just binge read this stuff, yet it isn’t meant to be. 

Obviously, you don’t have to care, but I didn’t want to imply that I missed reviewing the middle book of this series. I just have to get a copy first.

Death’s Doors Review

In my occasional preference for physical books rather than their digital counterpart, I keep reading Lars Walker books out of order. The good news is that I do so because I’m so eager to read his work!

Death’s Door is another novel with no holds barred. Imagine contemporary straining scenarios and then take them further to extremes. Set in an alternative present day USA, this dystopian thriller addresses Christian tensions, religious liberty, relativism, political correctness, assisted suicide and euthanasia on demand, and many other meaty topics, woven together with a family, a tenth century Viking, pagans, and Norse mythology with elements of fantasy. 

Some reviewers found it a bit over the top. I found it duly intellectually & spiritually provocative. Is there conservative cultural commentary? Absolutely, but this was also a wildly exciting and energizing read. It locks me in as a fan of Lars Walker. Admittedly, I’m going to start looking up which of his books are part of a series and which are stand alone. 🙂

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