Cleave the Darkness

This summer I already had the pleasure of reviewing Bane & Blessing by Lutheran author James Chinery. You can see that review here, but imagine my delight that the sequel, Cleave the Darkness, is already available!

Cleave the Darkness Review

Having read the first installment, Bane & BlessingI was eager to read Cleave the Darkness! Once more, I was happy to read a fascinating Christian fantasy set in a world full of mystery and thrills.

Now, this second book contains some real darkness at the beginning. It made me wonder just how dark this book could go. And that is not pretending that the first book was always light in tone.

The book does not remain quite so darkly probing, although in retrospect it really established just how human the main characters are. Our temptations are real and sometimes getting swept away by temptation affects our choices to the degree of affecting us further along the storyline. It’s a good lesson and ultimately is necessary for the sake of the plot’s development.

The characters continue to be gripping, and this book continues to flesh out the Christian-yet-otherworldly setting.

Once again, I think this is a book I’ll reread, and I’ll look forward to subsequent books in hopes that this may be at least a trilogy if not a longer running series.

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