Bane & Blessing

First, that’s a great title. I could start many a discourse with those words. Today, however, it’s a title of a book. 🙂 Bane & Blessing is the first of two books by Lutheran author James Chinery.

Bane & Blessing Review

This is a full-length fantasy novel sporting magic and monsters, mystery and suspense. 

The world building is especially interesting for Christians, as it is an explicitly Christian world, apart from any geographical connection with our world, yet people pray and refer to Christ.

To be honest, I almost read it so fast, just to see where it was going, that I plan to go back and reread it to better understand the setting. So, see? 🙂 Suspense and thrills, yet worth a second read.

I don’t quite know how to handle the . . . ok, there’s no gentle way to say this . . . the demon-possessed gnome, but I daresay I’ll read through as much of the series as gets written so that I can see where the obviously Christian author is going! Because it’s interesting. It’s unusual and intriguing how the whole thing is being handled.

There are grime scenes and violence, but also humor and vocation. People really do serve one another even if they do so from within their own characters. 

Not your typical Christian novel. A very good one to enjoy over the summer or under a blanket in cooler weather. 🙂

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