Heroes and Villains

Today’s post is a review of Heroes and Villains: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story by Ray Keating.

Heroes and Villains Review

I have good news for you. I was a little worried that a short story isn’t worth buying by itself (although I do think short stories can be a masterful way to highlight good writing). At 83 pages, however, this is much more a novella. I don’t begrudge what I spent on it at all. There was enough for a satisfying read and an enjoyable time spent.

This was a fun little step into Comic-Con and the comic book world. I hesitated a bit when it was clear how obvious a line would be drawn between liberals and conservatives, but once I got past a little bit of it I was swept back up into the Pastor Stephen Grant world and narrative, which I do enjoy.

There are heroes and villains, ideologies & naïvetés. There’s a cast of characters many of us have grown fond of and a fun little setting. I can say I do kind of wish it had been turned into a full novel. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with something a little more episodic like this, something that doesn’t necessitate pulling in the whole gang and finding lots of backstory.

Good summer reading. I do wish I were better in the know about the comic strip world, since I could be missing allusions and real world counterparts. Still, like I said, satisfying and enjoyable.


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