Wazzlewood change of plans

Wazzlewood change of plans! You know I’ve been hosting a giveaway. I stand by that. I will give away a free paperback copy to a commenter on this post right here. But major change of plans!!!

Ok. Here’s the scoop on the next release of a Fern & Dale fairy tale!

The World of the Wazzlewoods introduces readers to a loveable cast of characters called wazzlewoods and sets the stage for a fun world of magical adventure. The second book is called The Bird Battle of Artisan Alley and it expands the world of the wazzlewoods, introducing more fun characters (a band of alley cats) and a magical way to travel around Cream City. Book two will hit the shelves at Chapman’s Bookery and More on Ferndale’s Hospitality Night, December 6, 2019!!! 

To stay in the loop, follow the Fern and Dale Facebook page.

SO, now I want people to enter the Wazzlewood giveaway for themselves and for others!!! This will be a great read aloud for your family—get it for your kindle. At the same time, if you want a paperback, enter the contest or buy the book. And, if you’re personally find with a digital version, spread the news to fellow Lutherans and see if you win the book as a physical gift to share. 🙂

My own next Wazzlewood change will be to get the sequel as quickly as possible. 🙂 So, hurry up, world! There’s my reading list to grow!


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