The Elder King

Folks! It was maybe a week or two ago that my Facebook seemed to explode with new releases. Then I posted and FORGOT TO MENTION one I’m really looking forward to! Ack! Lutheran novelist Lars Walker has just released Book 5 of the Saga of Erling Skjalgsson, The Elder King!

Last night I literally bolted upright out of bed realizing my mistake. I stumbled to the pad of paper and pen I keep nearest my bed to jot down “Lars” so I wouldn’t continue in my mistake.

What’s actually funny is that the author kindly posted about the release of The Elder King on the Lutheran Authors/ Writers Facebook page (just as I wish all of you would whenever there’s a new release by a Lutheran!). That announcement is what me post about releases!

Really, I suppose this release deserves a post all its own anyway!

It absolutely set me off daydreaming. Lars Walker has written, what, nine books now? (Sorry, but this is going to get into some of my personal neuroses.) That’s a lot of books for a mom with young children to read—these are books I’ll want to read back to back! Possibly multiple consecutive times. Knowing that Lars Walker offers quality reading, awesome viking material, rigorous research, and rich insight makes me want to have quality time with each of his books!

Daydream with me: a cruise, my kindle and me, kicked back with book after book about viking lords and upcoming destinies! In fact, since we’re daydreaming, let’s have that cruise be through Norwegian fjords!!! 

Heavens, with an honest to goodness smorgasbord!!!

Ok, calm down Mary. Back to The Elder King.

Lars (pronounced to rhyme with farce, btw) linked several pages of this book on his blog to whet our appetites. There are three posts in this order: one, two, and three.

Or, if you want to get a taste of his writing style outside of his Viking historical fantasies, definitely check out Troll Valley

May this also serve as a gentle reminder that we have got to be spreading word about these great Lutheran authors! My dad reads Lars Walker and he hadn’t heard about the release yet! (My dad’s pretty up on things!) How are readers supposed to know?! We are people of the WORD, folks!

Happy reading & writing! And, once you’ve ordered one of his books, be sure to add all of Lars’ books to your Amazon wishlists! 😀

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