New Releases

Let’s take a day just to highlight some new releases by Lutheran authors!

I haven’t seen any of these yet, but I’m interested!


(Ok, ok, so it releases in a day or two. Still, looks beautiful, doesn’t it?)

Sounds good and exciting to me!

And, for all you novel-readers:


I’ll review Faith Alone this Friday! It’s written by Lutheran author Ruth Meyer, whom you may remember from the first in the series, Grace Alone, and also her children’s book Our Faith from A to ZI review those here and . . . wait, surely I’ve reviewed the other. Children’s books are my thing! What?! Maybe that review will come shortly. 😉 It is listed in one of my recommended religious reading resources.)

Also very much looking forward to these releases coming up!

(On sale with a pre-release price!)

Any others you’d like to add in a comment? 😀


PS. I’ll add one more! 🙂


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