Tis the Season!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia! Tis the Season!!!

As the starter of many projects myself, I think, “Is this the season when I start publishing more books? Finally wrap up those projects? Actually get my closets and pantry in order?”

But those seasons in life aren’t really the season we’re in! It’s EASTER! It’s time to delight in God’s gifts, rest in His care, and live the life before us! It’s time to renew love and fight the already defeated devil!

So, here’s your assignment from me. Write when you can, but do not think, say, or act like, “This is my season for writing.” That’s just too upside down, ok? Hug your loved ones. Get a spring walk in. Do your best. Strive! But not because seasons are, well, ever all about the self. Ok?

Tis the Season and Jesus will always remain the reason!

Too negative a post? I hope not! I wish you every blessing in Christ, even as I wish for my own a copy of whatever books are forthcoming from you awesome Lutheran authors, you. 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some things in case you’ve missed them:

  • A GoodReads giveaway contest for a digital copy of Shadow among Sheaves (I reviewed that here.)
  • 1517 has been getting new titles out. I’ll try to flesh that out in another post, but head that way if your curiosity can’t wait.
  • I’ve been updating some of my resource pages, so feel free to give another gander at those and let me know what you think. 
  • Did you know that there’s a Lutheran Service Building app? It’s designed for church workers, but the free trial is not currently time-limited and allows full use of the site, except bulletin-making. AWESOME! For example, search for a Bible verse to see when it shows up in the church year, what prayers and liturgies and hymns are based on it. You can type in a hymn by name or number and then listen to the tune on your computer so you can sing along with it. You can search for a word or phrase and see where it shows up in Scripture, hymns, prayers, and liturgy, etc. WOO HOO! (The search function can be tricky to find on mobile web browsers, but it’s in the upper right corner from a computer.)

This week I hope to catch up writing some reviews on books by Lutheran authors I’ve recently read, and I gotta get back into writing these blog posts ahead! I am not digging the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants feeling! lol

Blessed Easter!!

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