Grace Alone

Today I offer you my review of Grace Aloneone of the CPH novels released this year, by Ruth Meyer.

Review of Grace Alone

In briefest terms, this is a non-smutty romance. In slightly longer terms, it is a story exploring both Christian and non-Christian families, the mistakes they make, the forgiveness they need, and the impact generations have on the next.

I appreciated, in some ways, that the book isn’t a deep probe into single parenthood. This was a light, enjoyable read that portrayed an unbelieving family–four children and a single mother–as generally kind and functional. Some struggles are evident; I just wouldn’t use this as an introduction to the actual life of single parenting.

Since this was written by a Lutheran, I wish the means of grace were offered more explicitly, specifically that the Word itself gives faith. Still I appreciate that there were attempts by people of faith to explain the hope they have and to encourage their unbelieving loved ones. It presented a believer’s sincere interest in an unbeliever, which certainly happens, and delves a little into assumptions about self-righteous churches when there is so much grace and forgiveness at Christ-centered churches.

As a first novel, I think it is a promising foretaste of additional works to come. As a stand alone novel, let me tell you that you may do a double-take or two!

Here is an additional review by Pastor Timothy Koch.

My final note is that some things were less than realistic and more than a little idealized, but I commend Ruth for trying to show just how important faith can be, even to older bachelors (and for that matter, for highlighting that not all older men are “confirmed” in their bachelorhood!).

Keep up the good work, Ruth, and thanks again for your children’s book, Our Faith from A to Z(Whoops, guess I should review that one, too!)

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  1. Ruth

    Thank you for the review, Mary! I especially appreciate that you call it a “non-smutty romance.” Yes, there is such a thing! God’s blessings to you and your family!

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