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On Monday, I promised you a review of a newly released book by Lutheran author Ruth Meyer. Specifically, it’s Faith Alone, Book Two in The Sola Series.

Faith Alone Review

First, it was Grace Alone and would Grace stay alone? Next, it is Faith Alone and precisely how will Faith, Grace’s daughter, no longer be alone? A clever use of traditional phrases with some perhaps-tongue-in-cheek playing with relationships of different kinds.

As a second book in a series, I think the writing showed skill and development. And, although I certainly recognized the continuities from the first book, this worked very well as a stand alone book, too. Although, 🙂 obviously another one is coming! I’m excited about the little preview included at the end!

This was pretty much an enjoyable read about what, to me, is a pretty normal family adjusting to changes: sibling dynamics, early marriage tensions, etc. I was able to guess pretty early on where things would go, but I was pleasantly surprised by a couple twists and turns. Even better by additional support characters shining strongly, even with very little notice. Mercy and compassion from the gut? I dig that heartily.

I’d say this is a pretty family-friendly book. There are pregnancy details and a bit of a skirmish at one point, but I’d certainly classify this as clean Christian reading material. Which, oddly, made me look up from the book in a place or two. I’m afraid that, as realistic as this book was trying to be, it might be a decade late for my neck of the woods, small Bible belt town though mine is. 

I didn’t always agree with the parenting figures. I was also disappointed to hear how much baggage they think babies need. I’ve had six and never did have as much as they were describing even for one. lol But maybe my many has glossed over my fears to be more encouraging than foreboding on the topic. (Babies are gifts, not expenses!!)

Still, this is the type of book you read to get invested in the characters. Even if other books would have told a similar story differently, I really did want to see where things went for these folks in particular. I’m sure many and various people can read this and have a few things to question and ponder, all in faithfulness to the Lord.

Thank you, Ruth, for your good work! I’ll look forward to whenever the next in the series comes out! Sounds truly riveting!

My review for Grace Aloneaka Book One of The Sola Series, can be found here.

Disclosure: I was given a free complimentary copy of this book but was under no obligation  to post a review. The opinion and assessment is entirely my own.

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