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The Elder King

Folks! It was maybe a week or two ago that my Facebook seemed to explode with new releases. Then I posted and FORGOT TO MENTION one I’m really looking forward to! Ack! Lutheran novelist Lars Walker has just released Book 5 of the Saga of Erling Skjalgsson, The Elder King!

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Law & Gospel for Writers, Part I

Hello! Today I’m starting Day 1 of my first series: Law & Gospel for Writers. In this, I hope to explore elements of Law & Gospel discourse, of course, but it will focus on writers, writing, and common characteristics of writer’s life. Now, each post may not be as polished as I’d hoped but I hope that together we can come up with a helpful little course that maybe I can offer as an email course sometime. In part these are things it’s just good and helpful to hear. Just maybe it can be a more focused “consolation of the brethren” among fellow writers.

If I say something you disagree with, please do let me know.

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Violet’s Daybreak

I did a good amount of reading during Christmas, but my favorite had to be Sarah Baughman‘s Violet’s Daybreak. Continue reading

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Sequels are supposed to come second, so why in the world am I torn between writing a first and second novel? Shouldn’t I recognize the starting place?

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