Violet’s Daybreak

I did a good amount of reading during Christmas, but my favorite had to be Sarah Baughman‘s Violet’s Daybreak.

I’ve been meaning to read it, and volume one in the Regency Silhouettes series, Penelope’s Hopefor a while now. I mistakenly read them out of order because I apparently sloppily read my Kindle table of contents. 🙂

Anyway, this is definitely a 5-star book for me.

Violet’s Daybreak

I’m not someone who typically reaches for Regency era fiction. So, although the author is charming in correspondence, I initially put off reading this. But when a moment of fitting leisure came, I am so thankful I read this book! Afterwards I immediately, and I do mean immediately, picked up Penelope’s Hope (I accidentally starting the series out of order.).

This is an absolutely winsome book, whether or not you’re typically interested in romances or period pieces. It is well-written, well-paced, and I absolutely laughed out loud—despite my sleeping husband!—because the end of chapter two was such a stage-setter! I still laugh when I think about it in this weirdly positive sort of identifying way!

It stands alone extremely well, though it does give away a few things about the characters in Penelope’s Hope if you read them out of order.

Violet’s Daybreak is a beam of light in an otherwise crowded, dark time. It’s a great, enjoyable read. It allows for reflection while you walk in the characters’ shoes, and it fosters affection for faith, love, and friendship no matter how chaotic your circumstances are. It handles topics like romance, love, sex, ignorance, awkwardness, faults, and repentance gently and with love.

Worth re-reading and lending to my mom! I look forward to Sarah Baughman writing more, and I’m kicking myself I didn’t read these sooner. I highly recommend Violet’s Daybreak.


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  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Mary! I hope Christmas was a time of peace and joy in your family! 🙂

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