Comic Book David’s Mighty Men

I found out about something pretty inspiring. A 15-year-old pastor’s son by the name of Adam Boggs has put together, and made available, a comic book David’s Mighty Men: A Comic Book based on 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

Young Mr. Boggs worked for two years on this project, and you’ll have to admit he did an outstanding job! Just look through it!

This is a work of historical fiction and tells the story through the eyes of David’s mighty men. The comic book looks great, is sure to have solid appeal, and draws on great text. Awesome! This was great thinking for any age.

According to a Facebook post I saw, his goal is to inspire more people, especially children, to read the story of David’s mighty men in Samuel 23 . . . and, you know, eventually the whole Bible. I like this guy.

Just maybe we can follow his example. Have an idea and take it to fruition. 🙂 Take the time to do a good job and then make it available.

Hat’s off to you, sir. I’ve added you to my list of living Lutheran authors as a cartoonist (AWESOME!). Keep up the good work! Let us know if you work up any more. 🙂 Or there is anything we can do to help encourage you and other young writers.

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