Penelope’s Hope

I think I warned you I had a lot of reviews coming. 🙂 Today’s is on Penelope’s Hope, Sarah Baughman‘s debut novel in the Regency Silhouettes Series (the second volume of which I reviewed a few days ago).

Penelope’s Hope

There are several strengths to this book, in particular its writing and intertwining plot lines. I appreciated the religious themes, in particular how one quiet-yet-overtly-religious character came to be seen as a source of committed support and help on practical and spiritual levels. Other religious themes included are hope, repentance, and the struggle of viewing God as father when one’s own father is distant, harsh, or in some other way not present.

I really liked the tension between strong women finding their way during Regency times while also following through with the cultural expectations of the day. The French seamstress and her daughters added a great addition and I hope to see them again in further books (!). The interplay of modern day assumptions about women versus the unseen-but-evident personality, strength, and determination of “historical” women was refreshing and positive.

Admittedly I wish I had read this one prior to Violet’s DaybreakIt was a little disappointing to largely know the ending in advance. Still, it was a satisfying read with good character and plot development and substantial twists and surprises in its own right.

Thank you, Sarah, for two lovely books! I will look forward to reading more as soon as you can produce them! 🙂

PS. I also very much look forward to learning more about the Marquess Ashbridge.

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