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Law & Gospel for Writers, Part III Written

Welcome again to our series on Law & Gospel for Writers (See Part I and Part II). Today we’re going to stray just a little. After distinctions about the Law, we’re going to look at a distinction of sorts about the Gospel. Don’t worry: we’ll look at what is written in Scripture. Though, please, correct me if I’m wrong! 🙂 Continue reading

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Law & Gospel for Writers, Part I

Hello! Today I’m starting Day 1 of my first series: Law & Gospel for Writers. In this, I hope to explore elements of Law & Gospel discourse, of course, but it will focus on writers, writing, and common characteristics of writer’s life. Now, each post may not be as polished as I’d hoped but I hope that together we can come up with a helpful little course that maybe I can offer as an email course sometime. In part these are things it’s just good and helpful to hear. Just maybe it can be a more focused “consolation of the brethren” among fellow writers.

If I say something you disagree with, please do let me know.

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Means of Grace

I’ve worked up three possible entries for the hymn contest (six days left!). While part of me liked the idea of playing around with the famous Reformation phrases and expressions, you know, like by grace through faith and justification, what I turned out really emphasized the means of grace.

Since we are nearing the end of this writing exercise—It’s increasingly clear to me that that’s what this is for me, rather than a seriously competitive entry!—it’s been pretty good. It’s been a rather devotional experience with a nicely theological depth to it. How do we confess our faith, and how do we do it with others? What elements of Scriptural imagery and vocabulary leap quickest to our tongues (and typing)? Are there things we avoid, or things that prove extra tricky? For me, lately, I kept returning, again and again, to the means of grace. Continue reading

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