The Elder King

In today’s post, I review Book 5 of the Saga of Erling Skjalgsson: The Elder King by Lutheran author extraordinaire Lars Walker.

The Elder King Review

Once again Lars Walker delivers an eye-opening perspective on various historical events while incorporating mythological and surreal elements. Norse folk elements comes to life, but in Walker’s hands, so too, does Christ, even as His Kingdom comes to the Viking world. 

This book really played with tensions. The poor priest Ailill, whom you come to love as a man of faith and action and unabashedly real humanity, has to face three of the greatest challenges for a celibate Christian: romantic love, relics, and . . . Arianism! With a shockingly early possibility of Arianism in Norway!

And what does one do when reality itself, truth, love, and sacrifice seemingly disappear from before your very eyes? Wow.

Once again Erling faces the prospect of an Norwegian King. Once again hopes rise, followed by many questions and concerns for the future. What is true? What paths are being laid down? Will hubris or humility rule the day?

I’ll read this again. It’s multilayered, poignant, and epic. Lars Walker really breaks open the possibilities of storytelling. 

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