The Love Bridge

Here’s a review of CPH’s most recent children’s book, The Love Bridgeby Jonathan Schkade. I’m glad to see Jonathan writing for an even younger audience than some of his other works, which I continue to recommend.

Review of The Love Bridge

I’m generally a fan of Jonathan Schkade and this is no exception. I appreciate how this book describes sin in kid-friendly language and all three Persons of the Trinity are briefly addressed. The text is brief. The analogy about sin is pretty good. The images used to depict Jesus carrying our sins were strong. There are vocational elements. Generally I think kids from very young on up could benefit from this book.

This should appeal to a lot of people and rightfully so. Well-written with good content.

I hate to have a “but,” but . . .  actually I’m a little put off by the overarching analogy. The idea of a bridge implies a distant God. And, Jesus as a love bridge implies Jesus is a means to an end rather than the end in itself. I mean, the book can be read properly, and most people will. It’s well written and nicely descriptive for kids. Jesus is the Mediator! But Jesus is treated as a Son and bridge more than as God Himself. Kids may not notice, but some parents may.

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