Under the Bridge to the Seeds of Light

Here is a real find for you: Lutheran Pastor Philip J Rigdon has two novels out (Under the Bridge to the Seeds of Light and its sequel Lewis Warner Finds the Doom Prophet, Under the Bridge Part II). AND, he has put together a study guide/curriculum for teaching reading and writing for it to middle and high school students! Free resource and Lutheran novels?! LOVE IT! For more details, see his guest post below:

Classroom and Homeschool teachers, are you looking for a novel and curriculum for teaching reading and writing to middle through high school students? Pastor and author Philip J. Rigdon has completed such a curriculum for his Christian fantasy-fiction novel Under the Bridge to the Seeds of Light.

Someone or something under the bridge took Douglas Jenski…

Weeks after his disappearance, neither his family nor the police can find him. Now, without a plan and unsure of what they will find, Rick, his sister Edie, and friends Simon, An, and Ox venture under the bridge after their missing friend. In Under the Bridge to the Seeds of Light the young friends discover a place much like home, and yet completely different at its essence. The five must evade capture by the Rayaim—dark, hooded creatures with the power to draw the very life-light from their victims. They are puzzled by the mysterious Mr. Warner, a solitary, blues-playing neighbor who offers some answers, but just as many questions. In the search, each friend will learn more about themselves and what they are truly capable of, which turns out to be more than they could have ever imagined! When the rest of the group is crushed and dispirited, will one friend find the strength to do what is necessary to prevent certain doom?

Philip Rigdon is a pastor and teacher. He has lived and ministered in Mexico and the Republic of China, teaching in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. His teaching experience in the United States includes Junior High Social Studies and Adult Education. For more information, please contact Pastor Rigdon via email or Facebook.

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