My Little ABC Liturgy Book

I know I announced the release of My Little ABC Liturgy Book by Rev. Gaven Mize back in the spring, but now I’ll give you my review. 🙂 (I’m on a role for writing reviews! Yay! It’s been a while in coming—I meant to review this back in April!)

Review on My Little ABC Liturgy Book

As a children’s author myself, I’m pleased with a lot of things about this book. I appreciate that it doesn’t mince words. It introduces names for elements many kids are already familiar with, and it does so in a way that is both self-sufficient and a jump start into additional conversations if a parent or teacher is so inclined. It presents actual content for real children in liturgical congregations.

I appreciated the emphases very much. Now, I might quibble that C could have been crucifix rather than chasuble and D could have been doxology rather than deacon, but this is another tool on my bookshelf for raising my children in the faith and with appreciation for the church. And X? The X is priceless. Worth purchasing the book just for that!

The visuals are appealing for their proclamation. I really appreciated the clarity with which “Given and shed for you” repeats throughout the book. Also the crucifix.

If you know what the Te Deum is, this book is for you and your little loved ones.

This book will help my children hear the Gospel again and again, while learning visual and hymnic reminders of it. Yay for age-appropriate theology!

Pastor Mize, thank you for this gift to the church. I look forward to reading more from you and your family.


Back to my readers, I’ve also received and read an advance reading of Rev. Mize‘s next book, Beauty and the Catechism, and look forward to reviewing it here for you, too! Probably on or near the release date—and may that date approach quickly! Happy reading & writing!


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  1. Sara

    Thinking that C could have been another word or D could have been another word, can also be used as a great springboard for deeper communication with children, especially as they get older than the “normal” ages for ABC books. “Can you think of any other liturgical words that begin with a C?” This can be a great conversation starter or a wonderful way of reviewing what goes on in church on the way to church.

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