My Little ABC Liturgy Book

I’m so close with the last session of the Bible study. I have the content, but I’m not pleased with the writing yet. So, today’s post will talk about Rev. Gaven Mize’s new book, My Little ABC Liturgy Book!

I’ll admit I haven’t seen it yet, but all the reviews so far are very positive. It’s a clever idea and fits into an excellent niche for baby/baptismal/birthday gifts. And, I’m so thankful liturgy is in the title, nice and both google and amazon-able.

The Amazon page doesn’t have an inside view yet, but you can see some interior images on the Grail Quest Book Facebook page . . . let’s see . . . on March 6th at 4pm. Yep, that’s right: this is another Grail Quest Book catering to Lutherans like a pro. ūüôā

Rev. Mize and his growing family are producing more books, so you can follow them on their website or Facebook page. Titles include Beauty and Catechesis and God Loves Me Such That He Would Give.

Personally, I hope to pick up a copy of¬†My Little ABC Liturgy Book¬†for both my little ones and the church’s outdoor lending library!

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