Hailstone Mountain

Today’s post is a review of Lutheran author Lars Walker‘s Book 4 of the Erling Skajalgsson Saga, Hailstone MountainNow that I’ve read them all, I wanted a few days to digest them. I still think I have digesting to do, but my kids coming down sick again hasn’t helped. I’ll line up some reviews for you this week, since my attention may be turned toward my sweet little sickies.

Hailstone Mountain Review

This book starts off a little more slowly than some others in this series, but never fear. Big things are lining up to take place! Let’s fight a curse, learn the backstory to Freydis and Lemming, and fight cannibalistic giants up north!

Now, I shed some tears. Consecutive adventures face incredibly—perhaps increasingly—bad odds. So keep that in mind when you choose to start this book.

I also think this book blends together Lars Walker’s two types of writing: his Norse saga and more contemporary stuff more. I’m a big fan of both, but maybe it means this book contains a few extra surprises for those who haven’t read his other writings, set in more contemporary and/or futuristic times.

The other thing I’d like to say is that, though this is presumably less based in history than some of the previous novels in the saga, I liked wrestling with the dark fairy tale-like imagery! I’ll look forward to climbing Hailstone Mountain by reading this book again sometime.

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