Pastor Bedtime

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I love puns. I can’t help it. Well, Aaron Nielsen, on Facebook posted a funny one with an idea attached and I can’t help but like them both: a title & idea for a new children’s bedtime Bible show, “Pastor Bedtime!” Ha ha ha haaaa

I know, I know. Corny. Total dad-joke. But you know what’s not a joke? Just how frustrating it can be getting kids to stay in bed. 

Think about it. Pastor Bedtime. Youtube. Could a group of pastors get together and video a bunch of Bible stories and prayers? They could lead each episode in by asking, “Is it past-your-bedtime?”

One might think, “Wouldn’t that replace family devotions?” I tend to think not. Families who do devotions do devotions. Admittedly, sometimes, as a larger family, we did do it after we put babies down. So this could be a little something for them, up to maybe three?

Just give it a moment. Couldn’t it be a neat way for littles to see that pastors, in clericals and collars, care? Not in some touchy or cutesy way, but in a Gospel-y , Word-of-God driven way! 

I think it’d be great for the upcoming generations to see that pastors think about them and their specific age, to hear that God’s Word is for them too, and that pastors are praying with them and for them. 

I also think it’s a way to help those who have few Christian men in their lives to see and hear from more of them.

The other thing, if I were the producer, would be this: Sign off with something like, “Say hi to your pastor this week if you can! I’m thankful to God He can be there with you!” (Internet pastors are not the same thing as a parishioner’s pastor! May as well affirm that young!)

Am I wrong? 😀

HT: Aaron, who gave me permission to spread this idea around 



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