My husband has had an idea

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I interrupt my supposed break because my husband has had an idea. And I think he’s serious, although I initially took it as a joke. He even specifically asked me to blog it. Are you ready? No. You’re not ready. Seamstresses, this one is for you.

I don’t even know how to couch this. I’ll just spit it out.

My husband has had an idea: he wants black flannel clerical shirts.

I’m not thinking this idea will make CPH or Almy catalogs any time soon, lol but who knows?! Meanwhile, if you’re an Etsy owner, or know folks who sew clericals, spread the word. I will admit that it would be the most Ned-specific gift I could ever get him. 😀

Happy reading & writing, folks. And sewing. And so on and so forth.

PS. Happy birthday, Dad! You’re amazing, and I’m thankful to God for you!!


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6 Responses to My husband has had an idea

  1. Way down south he wants flannel?? It is pastor appreciation month…

  2. Leah S

    My husband requested one a few years ago. I made it, but he was never around for a fitting, so it was too big. Then, he lost weight. So now it’s gigantic! However, I have plans to try again!

  3. How about a black suede cassock (with built in clerical collar)! Just the thing to keep out the wind for winter committals/burials!

    • I just cannot tell whether a suede cassock is brilliant or a joke! Ha ha! But I am thinking that maybe you and my husband will become friends one day. 🙂

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