Ecclesial Poetry Release

Ladies & gentlemen, I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book, Ecclesial Poetryis now available!

This is the first time I have published a collection of my poetry. It is largely theological & devotional in nature, and I commend it to God and the Church. 

It is also the first time I have self-published! So I’ll need to write up a little series about that, since that may be able to help some of you as you go through it.

To be honest? I might take a few days before I do so, though. 🙂 I could use a little break.

Ecclesial Poetry is available in print & for Kindle. (The Amazon pages haven’t merged as of writing, so sorry if either of the links stops working.)

It is an eclectic collection of poetry. It is academic in the sense that it pursues insight into the actual text of Scripture. Sometimes it draws on things that may not have come up in a Sunday Bible study. But although there are perhaps elements of loftiness, it shouldn’t be presumptuous. It is steadfastly humbling to ponder God, His Word, and His gifts, and no genre can ultimately change that.

Note: it is not a collection about me or my feelings. It really is offered as a gift to the church. At times it instructs or sympathizes. At others it prays or sings. It also, God-willing, encourages and builds up, which as you know I am particularly wont to do! 

Most importantly, God-willing all of it is written with the Lutheran emphasis on the Gospel, God’s Word, the means of grace, the Incarnation, and the Resurrection.

Many thanks to Rev. Tyrel Bramwell for my cover and to my launch team for their patience and support. 🙂 

Uhm, please buy it for yourself and for very many friends, LOL and everyone leave positive reviews!


PS. I haven’t forgotten. I’ll wrap up the giveaway and start contacting winners, possibly around Wednesday. 🙂

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