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International trade: it’s a hot topic. Frankly, it should probably be an ever hotter topic! And, you guessed it, a Lutheran author has recently released a book on the matter. 🙂  Free Trade Rocks! 10 Points on International Trade Everyone Should Know is by Ray Keating, whom you likely know from his Stephen Grant series of novels.




(By the way, this is not his first work of non-fiction. In addition to many, many various articles, Ray Keating also has a book titled, “Chuck” vs. the Business World: Business Tips on TV. To me, that was a brilliant move, considering the subject material! Ok, having said that, we’ll get back to Free Trade Rocks. :)) 

It looks like the book employs some pretty informal language in its effort to help equip people in both thinking through and talking about international trade from the perspective of an economist, entrepreneur, and businessman.

I’ll let the Amazon blurb detail some of Keating’s background for you:

Tapping into his experiences as an economist, policy analyst, newspaper and online columnist, entrepreneur, and college professor, who taught MBA courses on international business and entrepreneurship, Ray Keating explores and explains in straightforward fashion 10 key points or areas that everyone – from entrepreneurs and executives to students and employees to politicians and taxpayers – needs to understand about how trade works and how free trade generates benefits for people throughout the nation, around the world, and across income levels.   

The Ten Points include:

  • Do People “Get It” on Free Trade?
  • Economics 101 on Trade   
  • Debunking Trade Myths   
  • Trade and the U.S. Economy   
  • Trading Partners   
  • Trade and Small Business   
  • Ills of Protectionism   
  • Brief History of Free Trade Deals   
  • The Morality of Free Trade   
  • The Future of Trade

If you want a cliffnotes’ version, Amazon also includes this quote: “Kill tariffs, eliminate quotas, and reduce government rules and regulations that burden consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses and workers, and discover, once again, how much free trade rocks!”

I haven’t read a copy myself yet, but I’ll surely let you know when I do. 🙂

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