Apologetic Opportunism

You may have noticed by now that I get a number of release tips from Bryan Wolfmueller’s Wednesday What-Not emails. I’ll admit it. One book he mentioned at some point in the not-do-distant past is Apologetic Opportunism by Lutheran author, Rev. Brian Flamme.

Think about that title for a minute. You may want the subtitle to clarify it a little, but that is a really striking title to me!
The subtitle is The Viability of Various Apologetic Methods in Light of Scripture, Luther, and the Confessions. BAM! This is a “very helpful little book” that I really want to have! In fact, it sounds downright especially suited to me and how I think only better. 🙂
Here’s a little Wolfmueller article about it, and here is the Lulu site where you can pick one up, currently on sale for $10.50. 
Lulu seems to be Wolfmueller’s go to publishing venue when he isn’t publishing with CPH. Welp, that’s one Lulu site I recommend visiting regularly, especially since it seems like there’s good repristination stuff, as well as new material being added regularly. Though, of course, the book highlighted in today’s post is, again, Rev. Brian Flamme’s. 🙂
Apologetic Opportunism is sure to go on my Christmas wish list and I hope it’ll make it to yours. On the other hand, there is a special offer of an additional 10% off Lulu books for the next day or so, if you’d rather buy it now and gift it to others later.
Happy reading & writing, folks. AND don’t forget to head to my new kind of giveaway for The Oracles and the Jewels! Go here to read my review and to enter yourself as well as a writer or pastor you admire. Which, in my opinion, should include Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller and quite possibly Rev. Brian Flamme, too!

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