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Lutheran Songbird Project

I found out about a charming new project: The Lutheran Songbird Project. The goal?

The LSP seeks to provide high quality vocals for some of the most beloved Christian songs and hymns of all time. All songs are public domain.

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Kloria’s Two New Reformation Books

I got a press release from Kloria Publishing about Kloria’s two new Reformation books:  A Mighty Fortress is Our God and Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your WordI’ve written about Kloria and their previous release, God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say Itand I’m thrilled to say the excerpts of these illustrated hymn texts look just as good!


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Useful Hymns

Useful Hymns by Lutheran pastor and poet Robin D Fish is now available in a second, expanded edition. It contains 200 hymns “for worship, prayer, and instruction in the Lutheran church, school, and home.” I look forward to seeing it and trying them out!

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