Lutheran Songbird Project

I found out about a charming new project: The Lutheran Songbird Project. The goal?

The LSP seeks to provide high quality vocals for some of the most beloved Christian songs and hymns of all time. All songs are public domain.

Lutheran Andrea (Aunnee) Trampe has gotten the singing started, posting to the Lutheran Songbird Project Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Through the church the song goes on! What a lovely idea with great potential! I love how this projects shares a Lutheran message with beautiful texts and in a way appreciative of the fine arts. Woo hoo!

And, of course, yay for more Lutheran voices being heard! 😉

Appropriately,  the LSP begins with beloved Advent and Christmas hymns.

Aunnee truly has a lovely voice and I’m glad that she and her husband, LCMS Pastor Heath Trampe, had this idea. I don’t know whether others are involved at this point, but I am very happy to add this to my free Lutheran resources page!

By the way, I’ve juggled around my free Lutheran Resources list and my Lutheran Fine Arts, Crafts, and Specialty Business page. I don’t suppose you could look them over (now three pages, so my introductory page maintains the links people have included on their own websites)? It’d sure help a girl out! You’d start here.

And, just maybe, this is a good time to be spreading news about both resource pages, as well as all the musical options listed as free resources.

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