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Lutheran Songbird Project

I found out about a charming new project: The Lutheran Songbird Project. The goal?

The LSP seeks to provide high quality vocals for some of the most beloved Christian songs and hymns of all time. All songs are public domain.

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Crafts and Crafted for Free Resource Page!

I’ve finally got it: a resource page people should add to their blog-rolls. “Crafts and Crafted-for-Free Resources” is a free resource page listing free Lutheran Bible studies, devotions, coloring pages, books, etc., and listing websites, Facebook pages, and Etsy shops with Lutheran owners. The theme is reflected in the title: Crafts and Crafted-for-Free Resources. 🙂

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Lutheran Resource Pages

I like resources and resource pages. I like tidy lists that can serve as one stop shops. So, I’m thinking about putting together yet another page on this site, listing Lutheran resources that may or may not be writing related. By that I mean, links for free resources like Bible studies and not-free resources like Lutheran Etsy shops. Is that dumb? Am I losing sight of my focus with this page?

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