Patti Miller

Remember in school, learning a new word and then suddenly hearing it all around you? That’s what it’s been like for me regarding art. Reading my dad’s State of the Arts has me hearing about art all over the place, which leads me to introduce you to Lutheran artist Patti Miller.

I first saw her work on Facebook. The CTSFW seminary used one of her images as their Facebook profile pic after highlighting it on the cover of their most recent issue of For the Life of the World. 

That particular piece was too “modern” according to some Facebook commentators. The irony is that it struck me as very much an homage to earlier stages of artwork. I can imagine people from around the world, and from many times through history, seeing the piece, and being struck with the fact that the very FACE OF GOD hung on the cross . . . for us! Heavy black lines struck me as reminiscent of stained glass and downright liturgical. 

So read  For the Life of the World. 🙂 Say a special prayer for Patti Miller, because she is not only a Lutheran artist but studying to serve as a Lutheran deaconess! You can see her art here, and she also has books! Yay! (One from 2017, two from 2018, and one from 2019!)

In particular, Sacred Jubilee: An Illustrated Devotion for Lent and Easter looks promising. It offers a “visual Journey through the historic lectionary . . . ,” pairing readings with devotions from pastors across the USA.

Welcome to my list of Lutheran fine artists, Patti, and thank you for all you do!

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