Kloria’s Two New Reformation Books

I got a press release from Kloria Publishing about Kloria’s two new Reformation books:  A Mighty Fortress is Our God and Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your WordI’ve written about Kloria and their previous release, God’s Own Child, I Gladly Say Itand I’m thrilled to say the excerpts of these illustrated hymn texts look just as good!


Also, kudos for the Lutheran illustrators! I love how each book varies in artistic style and medium. I’m thankful to God for you, Kloria! 🙂

I’m also in the process of checking out their resource page, which organizes and suggests different resources for catechetical texts, hymns, lectionary readings, etc. There is a lot to explore and many things to click. I suspect they are building up a tremendous resource for us, folks!

So, looking for Reformation books to help little ones celebrate a big Reformation anniversary? Here you go! Also perfect for, um, every English-speaking Lutheran child! lol Seriously though, think about donating these to your church library in honor of Pastors’ Appreciation Month, get them for your local public library, baptism gifts, birthdays, and the every popular present-fest Christmas.

Our God truly is our Mighty Fortress! May He keep us steadfast ever in His Word!

Press Release

Two Hymns by Martin Luther, Illustrated
For the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Sioux Falls, SD—Young children recite nursery rhymes, lines from their favorite books, or sing jingles they have heard. Kloria Publishing’s expanding line of children’s books helps parents harness that ability to teach their children the music of the singing church, one song at a time.

The next in the series, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, is published in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Accompanied by these powerful illustrations, sing Luther’s famous hymn, based upon Psalm 46. For though sin, death, and the devil would torment us, Christ has won forgiveness, life, and salvation on our behalf. This is the Church’s confidence, joy, and comfort.

This Reformation season, the lineup also adds its first board book, Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word. Teach little ones this little prayer, which Luther called a children’s hymn. On each page, the Triune God keeps this family faithful to His Word as they conduct home devotions, attend church, and share the Gospel.

Visit www.kloria.com for more information.

About Kloria Publishing

For 12 years, Kloria Publishing has created and distributed books, artistic works, and other materials which proclaim the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ and uphold the teachings of God’s Word as correctly expounded in the Lutheran Confessions. Visit us online at www.kloria.com.

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Kloria Publishing LLC, 401 E. 8th St. Ste. 214-568, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 United States

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