Tend to Me: Devotions for Mothers

I absolutely adored Lutheran author Emily Cook‘s Tend to Me: Devotions for MothersIt’s set up with brief little devotions followed with a prayer and some additional questions & Bible passages for further reflection. I liked them so well, I read several at a time, almost gulping them down. 🙂

I found comfort in the Gospel and smiled at the anecdotes and situations. It was a sweet balance of real (frustrating) life and blessed vocational perspective. I can easily recommend this for any Christian mom.

There are twenty devotions, plus an introduction and conclusion. If you’re looking for a  Monday through Friday devotion, then this will last you about a month. Great. Kindle currently $2.99 & paperback $9.99.

Admittedly I’ve published a collection of devotions for mothers, too: Dear Mother: Devotions for New MothersThat project includes a collection of 19 letters of encouragement for new mothers and mothers of young children. It’s a small booklet. The sort of thing you throw in a purse. 🙂 $2.99.

Ha, mine could be a stocking stuffer and Emily’s the gift under the tree!



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