Illustrated Nicene Creed

I’m putting together another Lutheran resource list. This time it is books for little Lutherans by suggestion age-appropriate materials. Will this include some adult books? YES! But for now, I’ve learned about an illustrated Nicene Creed book!!!

 I Believe

It is called I Believe.  It is not a board books and it does not exactly follow the creed as we typically recite it. This version of the creed retains older language including “spake throughout the prophets” and “proceedeth.” It may be an anglican version.

To some the older language may be a deal breaker, but not to me. The older language is a perk, introducing additional language used by church for hundreds of years!

This book sounds like a great tool to help flesh out understanding at a young age. I’m thinking its suitable for elementary and younger, though I haven’t seen it personally.

What do you think? Calling all homeschoolers, Lutherans with littles, and Lutheran libraries! Is it worth it?! Check it out to see. 🙂

Age-Appropriate Material

Religious Reading Recommendations for Students by Age is my current list of Lutheran reading material by age. Admittedly it has been something of a group effort as I ask various Lutheran homeschooling groups. I’ve posted this listing there too with the ability for people to update as they’d like.

What do you think of it? Should things be added? Removed? I would love, love, love to flesh out the middle grade/junior high/high school sections with more lay friendly “adult” books.

On a related note, I think it could be really great to read through some of the shorter, simpler adult Lutheran texts and just write down vocabulary that younger readers could look up. That way, families, pastors, and youth groups could just print up a page or two and more easily plumb the depths of church resources! Am I right? Do you know of anything like that? Could we put some of those together?

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