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Another idea to share. Older educational practices would use poetry to help memorize things. You know, “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” There were verses for religious education, too, memorizing (and summarizing!) the books of the Bible and other content. Of course, Luther’s Small Catechism falls into that genre, too, in its beautiful German crafting. Still, why not put together a book of Lutheran texts and verses for religious education?

If CPH would publish it, include the text of the Small Catechism! Include memory work, particularly of a slightly longer nature—Luke 2, primary texts—, psalms for recitation and more.

While we wouldn’t want to go overboard, this would be a great way to tackle Bible ignorance. Children can learn ditties and verses to supplement Bible stories. Include hymns!

I’ll admit I think in terms of a book like Living Memory:

(Though it is cheaper here.)

According to its Amazon blurb:

This comprehensive K-12 resource for memorization, copywork, and dictation can be used with any classical curriculum or as a handy reference for home or school.

I like it. It’s a great resource. Admittedly I haven’t incorporated it into our homeschooling as much as I eventually will. Interestingly, it includes Roman Catholic things (like virtues/vices, sacraments, Apocrypha books, etc.) as well as Eastern Orthodox and Protestant tidbits. But why not teach our kiddos a Lutheran ditty summarizing a Lutheran understanding of sacraments?

Why not a particularly Lutheran supplement? Homeschoolers would love it. Schools could incorporate it. Sunday schools and openings could include them.

Do you know my daughter learned an approximate year for when God first called Abraham? 2000 BC. Include /bible history with general time periods.

We could help kids learn facts:

  • the names of the apostles,
  • Tribes of Israel,
  • names of God,
  • miracles of Jesus,
  • what various words mean, etc.

We could also summarize baptism imagery and teach some reference verses. We could weave together Lamb of God imagery or prophecies for Jesus’ birth. Let’s teach our kids Bible passages that prove the efficacy of the Word. And those that testify to the Trinity!

Personally, I’d also want to include that, no, we don’t spit at the devil or hit Jesus when we swing a fist into empty air.

Does something like this already exist? I seriously do not mean to belittle the Small Catechism in any way. I am just additionally interested in supplemental Lutheran stuff for home education and catechesis.

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  1. Jen Lehmann

    I don’t know of anything that includes rhyming verses like you are talking about, but there is a memory book to accompany the CPH school curriculums. It includes age appropriate verses and portions of the catechism.

    My six-year-old has the books of the Old Testament memorized! They sing a song listing the books every time they get their Bibles for their Bible lesson. Classical education at its best: memorization in a practical, meaningful way.

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