Cold Iron

Ack! I meant to blog this ages ago. This is why lists are important people. Always take notes in some way. Lutheran author Caitlin Magness has published her YA fantasy book, Cold Iron!

Cold Iron is geared toward teens and older. In other words, there’s some strong language and intense moments. Themes include friendship, sacrifice, and redemption.

Here’s the Amazon description:

Seventeen-year-old Siobhan Murray has never believed any of the stories of the supernatural in her hometown of Port Alto, Massachusetts. Since her mother’s disappearance thirteen years ago, she hasn’t believed in much of anything. But when Siobhan’s best friend Wren goes missing, Siobhan sets out to find her, coming face to face with the truth about Port Alto, her mother, and the mysterious and dangerous realm of Arcadia in this fast-paced, emotional fantasy debut.

Sounds good to me! Sounds like Cold Iron could be a great fantasy escape from the busyness of the season!

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