My Friend Dwagon

Lutheran pastor Isaac Wirtz has just published a children’s book titled My Friend DwagonJust in time for Christmas!

My Friend Dwagon is a book geared for “youngins” and slightly older youngins, right? 🙂 Especially those who like dragons, knights, and dogs.

It’s a cute story about a knight with his loyal dog who reluctantly makes friends with a dragon. What’s not to like?

Be sure to check the “Look Inside” feature to get a look at the style of illustration. 

The Amazon blurb:

According to the Knight’s code: A knight must be brave, a knight must be strong, and a knight must be a friend to all creatures. But there is one creature that a knight must never befriend… A knight must NEVER – never NEVER No not EVER – No not ONCE! EVER be friends with a DWAGON, Not EVEN as a JOKE! The tale of the brave knight Sir Hobbins, his faithful Dawg, and Dwagon, who just wants to be friends.

Sounds cute! Congratulations Rev. Wirtz! I hope you’ll keep writing! And welcome to my Living Lutheran Authors page! 🙂

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